Zeekio – Zenith

Zeekio - Zenith - Blue/Green

Zeekio – Zenith – Blue/Green

Material Plastic
Diameter 58.0mm
Width 43.0mm
Weight 68.0g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Zeekio - Zenith - Blue/Green - Profile

Zeekio – Zenith – Blue/Green – Profile

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User reviews

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The Zenith is an H-shaped mid-priced plastic yoyo from Zeekio/YoYoSam, and is also called the YoYoEmpire Sun. It is probably the cheapest yoyo that is manufactured in machined Delrin, and in many colors to boot. I dinged this about 3-4 times, and only one set of marks is obvious from close inspection. From a normal profile view, it's still essentially flawless. The stock bearing is noisy but performs quite well, and the stock response is comfortably grippy once broken in. The aluminum bearing seat is just right - tight enough so that the bearing doesn't fall out, but easily removable with a tool or with rubber gloves. Due to its H shape, the Zenith's 58mm diameter doesn't feel nearly as large as many other yoyos its size. While it isn't a typical organic shape, the rounded rims, warm material, and concave catch area give it a very comfortable feel. The YoYoJam Classic, which is injection-molded POM, feels hard and hollow on a return while the Zenith is like candle wax. Replace the Zenith's stock bearing with a high-quality bearing, lube appropriately, and you'll have an amazingly smooth, quiet spin. A mild amount of vibe and a lower quality bearing are the two weaknesses in the Zenith's design. It is also less stable than similar plastics like the Replay Pro. However, it also costs far less than comparable Delrin yoyos, and has a unique shape making it a worthy addition to any collection. If you're looking to pick up something that performs well and can still look good after taking a beating, the Zeekio Zenith is the perfect choice.

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