YoYo Workshop – The Armament

YoYo Workshop - The Armament - Pink with Blue splash

YoYo Workshop – The Armament – Pink with Blue splash

Material Aluminium
Diameter 55mm
Width 42mm
Weight 64.5g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Workshop - The Armament - Pink with Blue splash - Profile

YoYo Workshop – The Armament – Pink with Blue splash – Profile

I don’t have any experience with this yo-yo. The pictures and specs were submitted by /u/TwilightMagister so that they could review it themselves.

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It's going to sound really cliche, because everyone says it about new toys, but I've had it for 2 days, and my initial impression hasn't changed at all. (usually I give it about a week) It's amazing. Here's why. It's stable, super stable, CRAZY stable. I've thrown a bunch of bad throws intentionally (because I couldn't believe it) and I'll be damned if it didn't keep trying to spin in the same plane. BUT WAIT! What if I want to gyro flop? Yup it can gyroflop too! This sucker plays fast, and has very little floatiness to it. "But wait, I don't like fast" I don't particularly either, Puffin 2 plays way too fast for me (even though I like undersized, go figure) It's a very forgiving fast, but if you want to push it (and boy does it feel like it could go way faster than I can make it) it's awesome. Direction changes? No problem. Hops? Cool. Slam it into your face and it bounces off? Sucka it's still spinning like crazy. The semi V shaped catch zone is great, super easy to hit tricks. Width? Sure it's a little narrow, but not uncomfortably so (looking at you MFD Forte) still way on the forgiving side. Pro to this, fits wonderfully in the pocket. Surface finish? Well all the anno jobs are amazing (to me, this is subjective, find a colourway you like!) and the surface grinds like crazy. I'm not going to say for days, but you can easily pull off a 6-7 second palm grind, and still have enough spin to finish off a quick combo and bind comfortably. I should also mention, I'm sure the bearing isn't 100% broken in, and it spins forever. I can't wait till it is. I do have a very strong preference for this bearing, I've been told it's the same design as the Buddah JD signature. The pads are their own design, and they bind great. Supposedly (YYWS tells me) they last an incredibly long time. I'm throwing some Blueprint string on this guy soon to test that (it eats all my other prefab pads, except OD) So I don't know if it'll take silicone, but it probably can, since you can get .555 response systems done using thick silicone. Update: 4 months in, pads aren't chewed up. The whole thing still plays amazingly. Let me know if you have any other questions! There are very few yoyo's that live all the way up to the hype I've put them to myself, this is definitely one of them.

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