YoYo Recreation – Bearing Tool

YoYo Recreation - Bearing Tool

YoYo Recreation – Bearing Tool

I wouldn’t usually review a bearing tool like this but it’s a $50 bearing tool so I couldn’t resist. Build quality is fantastic and the heavy duty design inspires me with confidence for how long this tool will last. The way it works is, you unscrew the end which releases the part that you put into the bearing, screw the end back in tight which forces the tool to grip the bearing very hard. You’re then free to ease the bearing off of the seat by wriggling it side to side. It’s essentially a push pin perfectly sized for C bearngs. It’s massively over-engineered to fix a problem that could have been solved for $10. It works great though and makes removing those bearings from those yo-yos with the bearing death grips much easier without having to resort to freezing your throw.

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