YoYo Officer – Imp

YoYo Officer - Imp - By Cuniculata

YoYo Officer – Imp – By Cuniculata

Material Aluminium
Diameter 53.0mm
Width 43.5mm
Weight 65.2g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Officer - Imp - By Cuniculata - Profile

YoYo Officer – Imp – By Cuniculata – Profile

I have no experience with this yoyo. It was submitted by a user.

User reviews

4 5 1
The Imp is a great little yoyo. Mid-sized with a W shape, it's comfortable in the hand. It's agile, maneuverable and light on the string with a little bit of floatiness. There's a decent amount of weight toward the rims so it's stable and spins for a decent amount of time for a smaller yoyo. Comes with a stock 10 ball grooved bearing which I find tends to bunch the string in odd ways but after swapping it out for a concave 10 ball it was perfect. One of my favourites.

4 5 1
The imp is one of my favorite yoyos in my collection. it is extremely sturdy and feels very solid on the string. it will spin forever without tilting and its weight really helps with slack tricks and stuff like that. the Imp comes with one of the best bearings i have ever seen come stock on a yoyo. overall a great yoyo. only downside is that it dings somewhat easily.

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