YoYo Factory – Czech Point

YoYo Factory - Czech Point - Galaxy

YoYo Factory – Czech Point – Galaxy

Material Aluminium
Diameter 56.0mm
Width 43.4mm
Weight 66.8g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - Czech Point - Galaxy - Profile

YoYo Factory – Czech Point – Galaxy – Profile

The Czech Point is the update to the already pretty great CZM8. It carries over a lot of the same charactieristics while being lighter with a nicer finish and inner grind ring. It’s not fully blasted but it’s still smooth enough to grind for a long time and the bearing seat is tight enough to keep it very smooth. I still wouldn’t go as far as to recommend newer throwers pick it up as their first metal yo-yo but it’s stable enough and fast enough for veterans to have fun with. Another great addition to the $45 club from YoYo Factory!

User reviews

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The CzechPoint is a yoyo which is worth whilie as it is at a lower price range and is affordable, My self as an expirienced player can his all my few minutes of tricks and its has a great shape which helps in hitting the tricks cleaner. The colourways are also better than the previous CZM8 and, The CzechPoint looks "fatter" than the previous CZM8 but also plays better in my opinion. It plays like a higher range throw but its only at $45 and thats what i like about it the most, the affordable price which makes everything much better as you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a yoyo, and for the price the yoyo is out of its league!

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