YoYo Factory – WHiP

YoYo Factory - WHiP - Green

YoYo Factory – WHiP – Green

YoYo Factory - WHiP - Black

YoYo Factory – WHiP – Black

YoYo Factory - Whip - Ann Connolly

YoYo Factory – WHiP – Ann Connolly

Material Plastic
Diameter 54.19mm
Width 40.97mm
Weight 56.2g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - WHiP - Green - Profile

YoYo Factory – WHiP – Green – Profile

YoYo Factory - WHiP - Black - Profile

YoYo Factory – WHiP – Black – Profile

YoYo Factory - Whip - Ann Connolly - Profile

YoYo Factory – WHiP – Ann Connolly – Profile

The WHiP is a great plastic throw to start your unresponsive journey with. It’s light and easy to throw around making it great fun to play with. It’s not very stable and it’s high walled but it’s got enough power to see you though some basic tricks. It’s one of the few cheap plastic yo-yos I keep in my case that’s otherwise filled with expensive metals.

User reviews

3 5 1
This is listed as an "unresponsive" yoyo, however the one I recieved is extremely responsive. Maybe there was a beaing mixup, but otherwise even listing this as unresponsive is flat out wrong. Now, for a responsive yo yo, this is a great buy. Miles ahead of a duncan butterfly, really a great beginners yoyo. The plastic is a nice matte color, and feels good. As a nitpick, the sticker has some pretty big air bubbles in it, I would take my review with a grain of salt. I based it off of the responsive whip I recieved, and that is very possibly an error.

3 5 1
While it is a fun and light yoyo, it certainly is no competition throw. It can be used as an everyday beater, there are many other options available nowadays.

3 5 1
The Whip! A fun little plastic throw that can either be used as a fun pocket throw or a beater. I love mine because it is extremely light and often uncontrollable, but for it's price it is really fun. I do not recommend this throw for beginners, but if you're looking for a fun carry around then this might be worth it!

4 5 1
It is a great throw for the price but there are better alternatives now. +Super cheap +Will get you through advanced tricks +Looks nice when you remove the stickers +Feels nice in the hand die to high gaps -Combos not really possible due to low spin time -Way too light -molded plastic feels rough -It has a bit of vibe which is normal for a plastic throw. If you are just starting out and there are no other throws easily available, you will not regret buying the Whip, but if have access to major internet retailers you should probably get something else.

4 5 1
I'm really surprised how much this throw grew on me. I think, technically I like it more than the Replay Pro now. Mostly due to it's shape and texture. it just 'feels right' you know. I consider this a great learning throw for unresponsive tricks and for the price I'm just blown away. I got the gray marbleized one and it looks good, Not fancy, just solid and nice. The plastic has a good heft but it still is pretty light, but I'm WAY less likely to hurt myself practicing with it. I'm learning unresponsive play with it easier than even the say a OD Rally or Replay Pro. Which speaks more about my shape/style preferences.

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