Werrd – Minute

Werrd - Minute - Pink

Werrd – Minute – Pink

Material Aluminium
Diameter 52.5mm
Width 42.8mm
Weight 66.3g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Werrd - Minute - Pink - Profile

Werrd – Minute – Pink – Profile

The Minute is a fast little pocket yoyo that’s great for grinds. It’s beautifully blasted so it’s smooth in the hands and grinds for a very long time making it a great yo-yo to learn and practice grinding. The fun doesn’t stop there, it’s light while still being very present on the string for it’s size. For the price it’s a great throw for smaller pockets.

User reviews

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The first thing that surprised me is how long this little thing can spin. It is a really fun throw, and one of the best undersized in it's price range. They are not easy to find and don't expect the best ano, a cool engraving or a weird design. The key of the Minute is performance.

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