Vs Newton YoYo Concepts – TiWalker

VsNYYC - TiWalker - Raw

Vs Newton YoYo Concepts – TiWalker – Raw

Material Titanium
Diameter 53.3mm
Width 42.0mm
Weight 64.0g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

VsNYYC - TiWalker - Raw - Profile

Vs Newton YoYo Concepts – TiWalker – Raw – Profile

The TiWalker has fast become one of my favorite yo-yo designs of all time. It’s no secret that I like titanium yo-yos but the TiWalker is another special one. It has a very comfortable feel in my hands, while it may be a little on the small side for some, it’s just right for me. Good things come in small packages though and the TiWalker just exudes that with it’s energetic play and speed. It responds very well to my movements and reacts to what I want it to do yet still forgives some sloppy play by not slowing or tilting easily. You’ll be very hard pressed to get a chance to try a TiWalker now but if you do, you’ll be hooked and wont be able to walk away from it. (That was the best walker joke I could come up with, sorry!)

User reviews

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Probably one of the best titanium yoyos you can find out there. It is years old, but most of the new throws are not better. It's zippy fast but easy to control, you can feel the power when you throw it. I'm a fan of bigger yoyos, but when I pick my Ti Walker that means nothing to me, it is all about fun and fancy tricks. They are rare and you will have a hard time finding one, but if you have a chance, just don't miss it.

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