YoYo Factory – VKSS

YoYo Factory - VKSS - Pink

YoYo Factory – VKSS – Pink

Material Bi-Metal
Diameter 56.46mm
Width 42.38mm
Weight 68.7g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - VKSS - Pink - Profile

YoYo Factory – VKSS – Pink – Profile

The VKSS is a fast yet hefty throw. At nearly 69g it’s not light to begin with and you feel all of that weight on the strings. It’s so stable and willing that you can really wrangle it and throw it’s weight around to get the most of it. I’m not sure I’d usually choose it over a Space Cowboy but if you have one of those and want something different, the VKSS is a strong performer that spins longer and harder. It’s just heavy and lets you know it.

User reviews

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I love this yoyo. The weight distribution is perfect and it really takes advantage of the bimetal design for great speed and stability. It is on thr hravier side but it just feels great on the string, it has real personality behind the petformance. The sleep times are amazing and it feels like it will never tilt or stop spinning. With an awesomr look and amaxong grind surface to top it off. This is easily my favoriye throw. /u/Tolkienfan25

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To keep it short... this thing feels like a rock. Super stable and long spinning, but I just couldn't deal with how it felt on the string. Wasn't fun for me to play. With so many great options out there for this sort of money... unless you like a very heavy-feeling Yoyo, I believe you're better off looking elsewhere.

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