Henrys – Viper

Henrys - Viper - Purple and Blue

Henrys – Viper – Purple and Blue

Material Aluminium/Rubber
Diameter 66mm
Width 43mm
Weight 65g
Bearing Henrys AXL System
Playstyle String Tricks

Henrys - Viper - Purple and Blue - Profile

Henrys – Viper – Purple and Blue – Profile

Skip it. Don’t bother buying one, you’ll regret it if you do.

User reviews

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The design hasn't changed since it's first release in the late 90's. The high walls don't make it easy for beginners to land string tricks, which is a shame since with it's rubber shells the Viper seems to have been intended for beginners. I couldn't recommend it 16 years ago, and can't recommend it now, for the same price you can get much better throws.

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A Henry's viper was one of my first "nice" yoyo's in the late 90's. I loved it immensely. It is a bit of a relic now with the shift to non-responsive play. It was my first off string yoyo as well since the rubber halves meant you could not damage it. Still have one now that I picked up at World's 2005.

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