YoYo Factory – Velocity 2.0

YoYo Factory - Velocity - Icon

YoYo Factory – Velocity – Icon

Material Plastic
Diameter 55.88mm
Width 35.81mm
Weight 62.4g
Bearing A
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - Velocity - Icon - Profile

YoYo Factory – Velocity – Icon – Profile

The Velocity is a very fun throw that features an adjustable gap so you can turn it from responsive to unresponsive on the fly. If you couldn’t do that it wouldn’t be a great yo-yo but the fact that you can makes it great. I can do some tricks on it, show my friends, then turn it to responsive and help them learn something on the same yo-yo so they feel great and I do too! Well worth the low price. It’s not the best to learn on because it lacks stability but it’ll help you get the hang of throwing.

User reviews

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This yoyo disappointed me. It features a A sized bearing and almost always feels responsive. Even when completely turned to unresponsive. The spin can die within 30secondes so you got to be quick and, because of the small gap, even two string layers will effect play a lot. And it is super unstable. The one I got looked like it got two cups that weren't equally in size. Wobbled very hard. Then again I bought it from a shop that was going bankrupt. I would not recommend this throw unless you really like the design or you got stuck on binding. Cause binding is not that hard with its small gap.

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The gimmick of the Velocity 2.0 is decent, but is often over hyped by some throwers. It is fun to switch between the two and is sure to appeal to new buyers, but a warning that it will not carry over to harder tricks. Like Lamasaurus's review, the spin dies quickly even when full unresponsive and feels a little cheap and lightweight in the hand.

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