One Drop – Valor

One Drop - Valor - Blue

One Drop – Valor – Blue

One Drop - Valor - Ayame

One Drop – Valor – Ayame

Material Aluminium
Diameter 56.5mm
Width 43.0mm
Weight 66.0g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

One Drop - Valor - Blue - Profile

One Drop – Valor – Blue – Profile

One Drop - Valor - Ayame - Profile

One Drop – Valor – Ayame – Profile

The Valor is one of my favorite One Drop designs. It wide catch zone and agressive yet comfortable shape make for a fantastic player. It’s stable and very long spinning compared to most other all aluminium yo-yos so you wont be left wanting through your longer combos at all. I prefer their decision to not use Side Effects in this instance too as I feel it would have messed with the weight distribution too much. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Valor!

User reviews

5 5 1
Bearing: It's the first flat bearing I owned and it's totally ROCK!!! It's smooth, It's long spinner, and it needs a very little drop of oil or it'll start to produce annoying sound like screaming with dry throat Response: Also a nice part from One Drop, give full unreponsive play during your tricks and come back hard with very grippy bind, such a magic (OD, are you a wizard?) finish: It's pyramatte finish, it's quite like anodized finish for me. It's not very good at grinding, unless you use glove with butter on it. Play: first throw, notice a vibe because of my first time throwing a flat bearing. Second throw until now it is really really really really super duper ultimately smooth, I dont notice any single vibe. It is good for speed trick but not too fast, and it's relaxing with slower pace of play, it's multi style yoyo. The spin time of it is also decent, but thanks to the pad again, it still accept a bind from low rotation spin. Conclusion: for $120, will I recommend it? Yes, it's beast, I love the way it plays, good for competition. Get one and become part of #valorlife Brand: One Drop Yo-Yo: Valor

5 5 1
In my opinion, the Valor is not only the best One Drop has to offer, but one of the best Yoyos out there. In a time where bi-metals are generally considered the end-all in high performance Yoyos, it still stands toe to toe with the best. It's stable and long spinning... smooth as expected from One Drop. Feels comfortable in the hand. Very forgiving to the new player, yet still manages to fly through more advanced tricks. Best of all, you get that performance without having to worry about a one bad throw knocking a weight ring loose. Add to that the additional durability of 7075, and you've got a Yoyo that will serve you for a long time. Aesthetically, I find it to be a very pleasing yoyo. It doesn't need to shove crazy colorways and splashes in your face to look good, which is rare to see. Final bonus: it's made in the USA by the awesome people at One Drop. There's really not much to dislike about the Valor. I think it's one that should belong in everyone's case. If it's within your budget, it should be up near the top of your list.

4 5 1
I had a Valor for far too short of a time. I feel like the Pyramatte finish really lets the Valor down here, as the grinds are awful for me, even in air conditioning. I did have an Ayame splash, but I don't think that would make a huge difference. I'm also not a giant fan of straight V shapes, so that's another reason I didn't hang on to it. The good is that, with the OD 10 ball it ships with, it is dead silent. I mean, I only knew it was spinning because the colors were blurred together. It did vibe on the fingers somewhat, so I don't know what was up with that, but you definitely didn't feel it on the string, and I could grind with it very well, so I didn't really notice it during play. I just feel that if they had really blasted the valor with something like they did on the Axis Pulsefire, I would have kept my Valor. I do intend to get another Valor, however. The Valor does play phenominally well, and it feels like every other One Drop: super quality and just like you spent your money right.

5 5 1
I think this is one of the "only aluminium" yoyos that is close to perfection. Valor is great for all kind of tricks, will let you play at your own pace without compromising performance and wont dissapoint you, never. Open profile, so easy to hit the string, long and smooth spinning (you don't have to mess with the side effects to make it smooth) and those grooves are very eye catching. The only thing I would change to make it perfect is hide the axle holes in each side. Maybe in a v2.0

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