Yongjun – Uranus

Yongjun - Uranus - White

Yongjun – Uranus – White

Material Plastic
Diameter 57.01mm
Width 54.38mm
Weight 69.3g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Yonjung - Uranus - White - Profile

Yonjung – Uranus – White – Profile

The Uranus is a super wide light up yo-yo that recharges via a USB port on your computer. There’s no avoiding it, for a plastic light up yo-yo it’s expensive at $80+ but its a very fun one. Before I go any further I’ll tell you that the button and charging port on each side do poke out the side so you can and will catch them on the string if you’re trying to do intricate tricks so it’s really not suited for that. You can however turn the lights off in your room, close the curtains and skin the gerbil all day long and it’s a blast! It’s fast and feels super light on the string. The super wide profile makes it easy to do speedy combos as long as you don’t snag the buttons on the string.

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