Monkey Finger Design – Tri-B

Monkey Finger Design - Tri-B - Mark III

Monkey Finger Design – Tri-B – Mark III

Material Aluminium
Diameter 54.06mm
Width 43.04mm
Weight 64.3g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Monkey Finger Design - Tri-B - Mark III - Profile

Monkey Finger Design – Tri-B – Mark III – Profile

The three most popular throws that Monkey Finger Design ever made were the Caesar, Ape-X amd Gelada 2. The Tri-B is a combination of all three and I gotta tell you, it’s a good combo. It’s very nimble but doesn’t force you to play fast. A lot of the weight is in the rims which make it very stable but it doesn’t feel heavy on the strings like a lot of rim heavy throws. It’s a very satisfying, laid back throw that can go as fast as you need it to.

Honestly, I wouldn’t usually link to outside images like this but I’ve gotta show you. Monkey Finger Design offer custom colorways to people who are willing to spend a little extra and wait for it to turn up. If you can dream up something as awesome as this one they made with Vaporeon on one side and Gengar on the other, They can make it for you! Simply amazing!

User reviews

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So I am actually the owner of the water//ghost colorway with the gengar and vaporeon on it that was mentioned in the main review, that being said The tri-b honestly is one of the best playing yoyos that mfd has produced so far. The tri-b is comfortable in hand and is smooth on the string. It comes in the 6061 version if you want something more light and floaty or the 7075 which is a little more of a solid feel, both versions are incredible. The coating is great for grinds and it spins for a lot longer than you would expect. I have had quite a few times when I have thought it was about out of spin and it just kept going. Definitely a competition grade yoyo. The bearing it comes with requires a quick cleaning after about an hour of play. At first it may feel a little sluggish but after a tiny bit of play and a quick cleaning the bearing is amazing and super quiet, so don't give up on it if it seems a bit slow at first. So overall, super solid yoyo. Props to MFD and their team for coming together and making the tri-b.

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I won the custom 7075 Tri-B from this very website. From my very first throw I could tell that this was a phenomenal throw: it's incredibly stable, smooth, and spins for an almost unbelievably long time. The 7075 is a fairly heavy yoyo, which makes play feel quiet solid and a bit more forgiving. The anodization is very clean and well done, if you want a custom anodized yoyo there is no better company than MonkeyfingeR Design to do it.

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I have always loved collab yoyos, the summit is an all time favourite of mine and the Co-Lab is one of my everyday's throws....but what happens when a company decides to make a collab with itself? Tri-b is what happens when MFD decided to put together the best aspects of 3 previous throws. I love the solid feel from the Ape-x shape, the incredible power from caesar (inner cup shape) and the stability from Gelada2. This is an exceptional all arounder, with strong spins and solid feel, but also great for horizontals thanks to the step near the gap. Fingerspins, igr and thumb grinds are a breeze , the blast is amazing. No lasers engraving but a classy transparent monkey logo. It will be my choice for competition because it fits my style very well, but I think everyone needs to give it a shot.

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