One Drop x Caribou Lodge – Summit

One Drop x Caribou Lodge - Summit - Mass Drop Edition

One Drop x Caribou Lodge – Summit – Mass Drop Edition

Material Aluminium
Diameter 55.65mm
Width 46mm
Weight 66g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

One Drop x Caribou Lodge - Summit - Mass Drop Edition - Profile

One Drop x Caribou Lodge – Summit – Mass Drop Edition – Profile

The Summit was announced as the peak of both One Drop and Caribou lodge and many said that they don’t need to make another throw. They topped it with the Seven Summits but the Summit is still a great option. It’s stable and very easy to manage. It responds very nicely to your inputs and makes landing your combos a cinch. You do feel quite a bit of the weight on the string though. It uses One Drop Side Effects so you can swap them out for a slightly different feel. Honestly I’d probably steer you towards one of the non-colab throws by either One Drop or Caribou Lodge but if you do opt for the Summit, you’ll be very satisfied.

User reviews

5 5 1
I switched from a shutter to a summit a while back, and I love my Summit so much I haven't picked up my Shutter again for 1A (I use it for 5A now). The Summit feels really comfortable to hold and throw, and at times I forget that it is at the end of the string. It plays super smooth, and is really good for finger grinds. I highly recommend the Summit to anyone wanting an excellent quality throw.

5 5 1
First off, I own about a dozen higher quality throws. My favorite before I got my Summit was my Genesis. To me they play very similar, however the quality and finish on my Summit (Ninja Hurdles) is fantastic. It's on what I would consider the heavier side of my taste. I like this because you have a great feel for where it is on the string. Also, you have the awesome side effects. I own a few of these and they really make a difference in how it feels. I've used caps, spikes, and the stock ultra lights. To me, the stock side effects are perfect. They compliment the overall feel of the throw perfectly. Using spikes makes it feel just a bit too heavy, and the caps don't quite give it the feel I like. The bearings that came with it worked well, but I very promptly changed it to a center track. All in all, this is the best throw I've ever used. As one last addition, my other throws include the entire Benchmark series, a SPYY Ronin, Genesis, YYF DNA, DV888, and a few others. The Summit just feels great, and having not tried anything other than what I own, I would recommend this to anyone who likes throws in this size and shape. I would even trade my Benchmarks for another Summit in blue or the Tahoe/Massdrop colorway.

4 5 1
The Summit is an ultra-smooth, floaty throw. I got one of the NQP ones that came with spike side effects, which probably add to the floatiness of it. I love that it came with an OD 10-ball bearing as well--it seems to compliment the smooth, relaxed feel of this throw. This is what I pick up when I just want to chill out. It seems to hang in the air forever and wait for you to be ready with your next move. You can push it pretty hard if you need to though, which makes it a great all-around throw.

5 5 1
i remember watching that summit video and lusting over them. i had a hard time breaking the $100 limit i set for myself and ended up with a markmont classic, which i STILL say is the best metal yoyo ever made. while my markmont isnt looking though, let me tell you how insane the summit is. it can seriously do anything, its fast and smooth and floaty and solid and every other word people use to describe a good yoyo. i usually buy organic shaped yoyos, but having something a bit more aggressive is a must sometimes. it flies through any trick and keeps on spinning. i recently put anti yo side effects on mine and if you have that opportunity, prepare to giggle like a child. un. real.

5 5 1
The Summit is one of my favorite yoyos. It is a collaboration between CLYW and One Drop, and it checks all the boxes that I like. It is moderately light, has a ton of float, and butter smooth. It has a pleasing shape and feel in the hand, and at times you don't even notice it spinning if not for the splash moving. It is also quiet, which is another plus. I highly recommend this yoyo!

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