STURM PANZER – SY-002 Leo Sniper MK-II

STURM PANZER - SY-002 Leo Sniper MK-II - Aurora

STURM PANZER – SY-002 Leo Sniper MK-II – Aurora

Material Bi-Metal
Diameter 56.0mm
Width 40.0mm
Weight 58.5g
Bearing D
Playstyle String Tricks

STURM PANZER - SY-002 Leo Sniper MK-II - Aurora - Profile

STURM PANZER – SY-002 Leo Sniper MK-II – Aurora – Profile

Oh wow. The Leo Sniper MK-II is crazy. It’s extremeley light and while most yo-yos under 60g can’t deal with tricks for long, this one can. You can pull it exactly where you want it as hard and fast as you want to and it’ll stay on plane and still spin lightning fast. It’s fairly narrow at 40mm but don’t let that turn you off. It’s great for stepping up your tech game and trying more intricate string tricks. Remember it has a D sized bearing so finding a replacement won’t be easy or cheap.

User reviews

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This throw is the fastest and closest in performance/speed attributes as the Draupnir.

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The Leo Sniper is the fighter jet of yoyos. The first thing I noticed when throwing around my new Leo Sniper wasn't its lightness, but its speed. The smaller D bearing will spin faster than its C counterpart on two throws with the same amount of force. This extra speed means that the string will bounce and reject much faster than expected if you're used to C-bearing yoyos, and also spin longer than you'd think a yoyo of this weight could spin. Like every Sturm Panzer yoyo (up until the D-starter), this yoyo is a bimetal, with an aluminum body and a small brass ring. The brass is not anodized, so it will tarnish with use, but its relatively small size makes this a much smaller issue than other Sturm Panzer yoyos. The weight distribution is great, giving the yoyo the feel of a much heavier yoyo. This yoyo does use D bearings. Konkave now makes D bearings, which you can purchase from YoyoExpert, Yoyo Store Rewind, or directly from Sturm Panzer. Expect to pay fighter jet rates for Sturm Panzer yoyos. If you want the best deal, you will need to go through Sturm Panzer's Japanese website. The company wrote up English instructions on how to use it, but they aren't exactly clear, so expect some trial and error

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