STURM PANZER - D-Starter - Purple

STURM PANZER – D-Starter – Purple

Material Aluminium
Diameter 53.6mm
Width 42.5mm
Weight 64.5g
Bearing D
Playstyle String Tricks

STURM PANZER - D-Starter - Purple - Profile

STURM PANZER – D-Starter – Purple – Profile

I don’t know why, but I was surprised when I got the D-Starter. It’s $65 which puts it directly in the firing line of some of the great YoYo Factory offerings. It’s very light and I mean very light. It still retains enough stability and speed to get you through all your combos with ease. If you can snag one in your country or don’t mind waiting a little extra time to arrive, you’ll be happy with your purchase. Just remember it has a D size bearing so finding a replacement you’re happy with might not be cheap or easy.

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