Where to buy

These are stores that I’ve ordered from and my experience with them. I wont list stores I haven’t dealt with. Bare in mind that I’m from and live in the UK so your results may vary. Rather than be negative, I wont list any store I’ve had a bad experience with.

  • YoYoVillage.co.uk – My personal favorite place to order from in the world. Every time I order, the owner throws in some useful freebies and he’s always got something positive to say when he ships it. Unless it’s a big planned release, orders are usually shipped the next day since the store is a side project and he has to work to pay bills. It doesn’t have the biggest selection but the service is second to none.
  • YoYoExpert.com – One of the biggest names in the business. YoYoExpert has a huge stock from a big range of manufacturers, one of the biggest selections on the internet. They’re great at supporting up and coming yo-yo makers and get a lot of releases first. They use FedEX for international shipping which isn’t cheap but it doesn’t get stuck in customs, orders usually take between 2/3 days to get from America to England.
  • Slusny.net – A great store that does a lot for the community. It’s based from an actual storefront in Prague. Not the biggest selection but they have a lot of older stock and get a lot of releases. They also use FedEX for international shipping and orders are 2/3 days away. I ordered a few of the more expensive YoYo Factory throws from them once and I got a signed note from Ann Connolly, to thank me for supporting them. Ann is one of my favorite throwers so I was very happy to get that!
  • LaTiendaDelYoYo.com – Store based in Spain. Huge stock of older yo-yos that are hard to find anywhere else. They get all the latest releases and there are a lot of sale items on their store. Another FedEX user so items get to you quick.
  • YoYoRecreation.jp – Best prices on the newest YoYo Recreation releases. Ships via EMS which takes a long time but prices are great. Based in Japan, ship direct from the manufacturer.
  • Spingear.jp – My favorite store in Japan. I’m sure if I could understand their blog I’d order more. They have a lot of stock from lots of Asian companies and prices are in YEN so they’re cheaper a lot of the time. Also uses EMS and takes a while but service is great and they do a lot for the Japanese throwing scene.