YoYo Factory – Starbrite

YoYo Factory - Starbrite - Pink

YoYo Factory – Starbrite – Pink

Material Plastic
Diameter 55.92mm
Width 42.98mm
Weight 58.3g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - Starbrite - Pink - Profile

YoYo Factory – Starbrite – Pink – Profile

The main reason I love the Starbrite is this performance by Ann Connolly in 2012. She is using this $15 throw to place 9th at EYYC! It’s similar to a Protostar but without the weight rings for stability and you feel the different. It’s light and fast but not very stable. It’s still fun to play but it just forces you to finesse your tricks.

User reviews

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The StarBrite, the dimmest of YoYoFactory's 'star' line of yoyos. Let my preface this review by saying that the StarBrite is not a bad yoyo, just a bad purchase. As what I'm sure was intended to be a half priced alternative to the ProtoStar, the StarBrite just feels like it had some corners cut. Like they popped out the weight rings and called it good. Aesthetically, it's brilliant. I love the color. I have the pink one myself. The logo is also fantastic. It looks like it belongs on a diner in the 50's. I feel that looks are the only redeeming quality in this yoyo however. At almost ten grams less than it's big brother the ProtoStar, (and closer to twelve, when compared to it's obese cousin the NorthStar) it just feels cheap. There is no weight behind this yoyo at all. You feel like you have to chuck it twice as hard to make up for this. Lastly, YoYoFactory still stuck with the awful, bearing death-grip spacers, which are in my opinion, the only negative feature on the ProtoStar. This review has been rather harsh, but I feel that this is certainly a yoyo that should be passed up on. For a similar price one could buy a OneStar, (In my opinion, the best yoyo in the 'Star' line), or for still less than $40 you could purchase a ProtoStar, or a NorthStar. These yoyos all offer the same style, but with much better performance. Again, the StarBrite isn't a 'bad' yoyo per say.. It'll do all the expert tricks you could want it too... You just won't actually want to after playing with it for a while.

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