YoYo Factory – Space Cowboy

YoYo Factory - Space Cowboy - Red

YoYo Factory – Space Cowboy – Red

YoYo Factory - Space Cowboy - USA Collection

YoYo Factory – Space Cowboy – USA Collection

Material Bi-Metal
Diameter 55.74mm
Width 43.43mm
Weight 66.2g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - Space Cowboy - Red - Profile

YoYo Factory – Space Cowboy – Red – Profile

YoYo Factory - Space Cowboy - USA Collection - Profile

YoYo Factory – Space Cowboy – USA Collection – Profile

The Space Cowboy is one of the best that YoYo Factory has to offer. It’s a fast and stable bi-metal based on the Supernova that’s lighter, more stable and faster. It’s a lot cheaper than some of the top bi-metals on the market but it’s not a lot worse, just a bit heavier. It’s one of the best all around throws under $150.

User reviews

4 5 1
The Space Cowboy plays like a dream. Very smooth play with a floaty quality, she seams to drift in the air. She'll handle almost everything you throw at her, but she is very unforgiving on thumb grinds. If you're looking for a smooth, fun throw, you'll have to search far and wide to find one that beats this one.

4 5 1
Throwing the Space Cowboy, it is obvious why it is so popular with YYF's contest team. The yoyo has a lot of heft to it, but that heft is in support of some serious spin. The shape and size are fairly neutral, being small enough for chopsticks but large enough for hopping bangers. The cup is fine for fingerspins, broad and empty. In a lot of ways, this yoyo feels like a Shutter all grown up. It's a little heavy but this guy is a workhorse: a jack of all trades. Also, there are lots of editions for people who want alternate artwork, including the Betty Gallegos "Space Cowgirl".

4 5 1
3.5* I have owned the Pulsar edition, and I just gotta say that it feels like swinging around a brick. I didn't like the weight of the Space Cowboy at all, and I didn't feel like the super powerful spin or slightly longer spin time was worth it to me. Is it worth the prices they get used? Heck yeah, this is a great yoyo for $80 or $90. I wouldn't buy one new unless the colorway were crazy cool, though. Just way too heavy.

5 5 1
This is a very solid throw. Stabel, fast (if you push it) and long spins. Very long spins!

5 5 1
This is my first bi-metal. It plays like a dream... super floaty and very stable. And it spins for ages. Sometimes I'll fail a trick or two, then take the string off my finger. While still in mid spin I'll undo a knot or just fix my string tension, then put it back on my finger and still have enough spin going for a snappy bind. Incidentally you also have to be careful, it kicks pretty hard if you bind it too soon after a strong throw. The H shape mitigates that impact a little bit but it still deserves to be noted. The deep cup shape lends itself pretty well to thumb grinds, but the steel rims don't seem to work too well for palm grinds. Overall a fantastic throw and a pleasure to use. I would recommend this to anyone.

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