sOMEThING – Superfly

sOMEThING - Superfly - Blue

sOMEThING – Superfly – Blue

Material Aluminium
Diameter 55.1mm
Width 41.1mm
Weight 67.0g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

sOMEThING - Superfly - Blue - Profile

sOMEThING – Superfly – Blue – Profile

Little brother to the Phaser, the Superfly is another incredible performer but this time, it’s all aluminium. At 67g it’s no lightweight and you do feel a lot of that weight in play but in return you get a lot of performance. It really resists going off plane and is very stable making it great for 3a as well as making pops and hops type tricks easier and more predictable. It spins forver, and offers great stability but lacks a lot of the feel you might want from such an expensive yo-yo. I’ll recommend it as an all aluminium performance monster but it’s a lot to spend considering you get such little feel and so much weight.

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