sOMEThING – Phaser

sOMEThING - Phaser - Red

sOMEThING – Phaser – Red

Material Bi-Metal
Diameter 55.3mm
Width 42.2mm
Weight 66.9g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

sOMEThING - Phaser - Red - Profile

sOMEThING – Phaser – Red – Profile

I was curious as to how the Phaser stands up against the other sOMEThING bi-metal yo-yos because I love all of their other designs but skeptical because of the weight since I usually prefer lighter bi-metals. It’s a very long spinning and great performer all around and while it is heavy and you do feel it, it translates into a great string presance that adds a bit of kick to your string hits. It stays on plane very well, resisting side movements and forgives hitting the rims with the string by not budging. It’s a real powerhouse yo-yo, perfect for 3a and 5a while being a great 1a player too.

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