sOMEThING – Anglam Zero

sOMEThING - Anglam Zero - Raw

sOMEThING – Anglam Zero – Raw

Material Titanium
Diameter 55.1mm
Width 42.1mm
Weight 64.0g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

sOMEThING - Anglam Zero - Raw - Profile

sOMEThING – Anglam Zero – Raw – Profile

Where the Anglam TiSS is all about raw titanium performance, the Anglam Zero is about feel. It’s just as nimble as it’s steel rim equipped counterpart but falls away on spin times and stability. The Anglam Zero not only feels lighter but is lighter and feels fantastic to play. It’s still an expensive proposition but with a $550 price tag comes exclusivity. I don’t recommend the Anglam Zero on a pure performance or play basis because you can get similar from aluminium yo-yos but it’s a beautiful design made from an exquisit material by a 4 time world champion and engineer.

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