YoYo Factory – Ricochet

YoYo Factory - Ricochet - Raw

YoYo Factory – Ricochet – Raw

Material Titanium
Diameter 50mm
Width 39mm
Weight 66.8g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory  - Ricochet - Raw - Profile

YoYo Factory – Ricochet – Raw – Profile

As much as I like my Ricochet, it’s essentially a $200 that sparks when you walk the dog. It’s not a particularly nice player but I like to take it out for reasons I’d never take anything else out. It’s all about the titanium noise and sparks. If you want a good player, you wont get it here but if you want something completely out there, take a closer look.

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The Ricochet is a pretty nice yoyo. It has nice long spin times and is very smooth. The organic shape feels so comfortable in the hand that you are really chilled out when you throw. Another thing abut the ricochet is that you can spark it! Because it is made out of titanium, it is bale to produce sparks when you walk the dog on concrete making it a party trick.

4 5 1
I was disappointed with it at first but I found the right combination of accessories to make this thing really stand out. Cannot horizontal well at all but its spin time and stability are impressive. Great for intricate technical tricks like anything Yuuki does.

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