Caribou Lodge – Puffin

Caribou Lodge - Puffin 1 - Northern Lights

Caribou Lodge – Puffin 1 – Northern Lights

Material Aluminium
Diameter 54.43mm
Width 44.47mm
Weight 65.85g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Caribou Lodge - Puffin 1 - Northern Lights - Profile

Caribou Lodge – Puffin 1 – Northern Lights – Profile

You can’t buy the Puffin anymore since it’s been replaced by the Puffin 2. It’s a smaller, mid sized throw that’s still pretty wide. It feels very nimble and light on the string which makes it very manageable but still fast enough to step it up if you want to. The size isn’t for everyone but if you like chief and are looking for something smaller, the Puffin is a great bet.

User reviews

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Just got my hands on a Puffin 1 from a BST a few days ago. After throwing it for a few days, I have to say I'm super impressed by how fun this throw is. I've never played with a Puffin 2, but I am looking for one. The Puffin is a tad bit smaller than most other throws (54.4 mm diameter), but it's so comfortable in your hand. It feels decently agile on the string and is able to work itself up to a decent speed. It's spin time isn't as great as some throws nowadays and it does tilt off axis a bit easier than other throws, but I think it's fun-ness is worth it.

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