YoYo Factory – Protostar

YoYo Factory - Protostar - Pink

YoYo Factory – Protostar – Pink

YoYo Factory - Protostar - 44Clash

YoYo Factory – Protostar – 44Clash

Material Plastic
Diameter 55.94mm
Width 43.15mm
Weight 67g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - Protostar - Pink - Profile

YoYo Factory – Protostar – Pink – Profile

YoYo Factory - Protostar - 44Clash - Profile

YoYo Factory – Protostar – 44Clash – Profile

The Protostar is a stable, fast and easy to catch yo-yo. It’s stability and predictability make it a great throw to start learning 3a on. It’s by no means only suited for 3a, it’s a great player for 1a and 5a too but nothing screams 3a like the Protostar. It plays like dream for the money and it’s worth every penny, a real performer.

User reviews

4 5 1
The ProtoStar. The yoyo that legitimized the plastic yoyo scene. I have to admit, I'm about to come across as biased here. I have a terrible affinity for affordable plastic yoyos, and this one one of the first I fell in love with. I got this thing for Christmas the year it came out, and I threw it till I smashed it from dropping an aerial that was just too awesome.. One of the weight rings is probably still out there... Somewhere on the Rio Grande campus in southern Ohio from that fateful summer at band camp. The ProtoStar is a plastic yoyo from YoYoFactory with metal weight rings. When it was released it was definitely something unexpected. At the time, plastic yoyos tended to be cheap, and intended for beginners. The ProtoStar raised the bar though. For a plastic yoyo it played with the stability, smoothness, and clean unresponsive feel you'd expect from a metal yoyo costing more than twice the price. The ProtoStar also features a wonderful shape which has since become incredibly popular. With sharp walls flaring out from the catch zone, jutting out into relatively flat rims, you're left with unrivaled stability. I find it to be a perfect yoyo for freehand play. The ProtoStar does have its problems however, the biggest one being the spacer system. While they do work, may the yoyo gods have mercy on you if you ever need to removed the bearing. They latch onto that thing like a twelve year old girl clings to her first boyfriend. My ProtoStar (and my NorthStar, and my StarBrite for that matter) all ended up with horrifically gouged spacers from constantly using thumbtacks to pry them off the bearing. These days, you can find any number of yoyos of equal or better quality, for an equal or better price. The ProtoStar isn't really revolutionary any more. I do still feel that this is a high quality yoyo which can handle anything you can throw at it, and I think everyone's collection deserves one. I would always recommend that anyone interested purchase this yoyo.

2 5 1
The protostar is a great plastic throw. It is very stable and great for string tricks with its V shape. Though it is a nice yoyo, I did have some problems. Both of my protostars did have some axel problems after some time. Other than that, it was a nice yo-yo.

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