Caribou Lodge – Orca

Caribou Lodge - Orca - Yozakura

Caribou Lodge – Orca – Yozakura

Material Aluminium
Diameter 55.05mm
Width 45mm
Weight 67g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Caribou Lodge - Orca - Yozakura - Profile

Caribou Lodge – Orca – Yozakura – Profile

Harrison Lee is still pretty young but every time he hits the stage, it explodes. He’ll want something to match is style and Caribou Lodge delivered on that. It’s nimble, stable and very easy to catch. When it’s in your hands it feels light but when it’s on the string it feels lighter. It almost waits for you to be ready for it to hit the string before it does. Another great offering from Caribou Lodge.

User reviews

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The Orca is a great yoyo. Once again, CLYW has made their throw straight smooth, and very floaty. It's a really good yoyo, made for chill and competition. When I first tried this yoyo (in gold!) I was in disbelief of how smooth it was, how it seemed to just cut through the air. This yoyo is great for rejections in my opinion.

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This is one of my absolute favorites. Clyw has managed to find a great sweet spot between float and speed, and put it into a great feeling shape in the hands. I really cannot think of a way that I would improve this design, since it is visually pleasing as well. The only complaint I can actually think of is that the 1st run that I have used the new anodizer (I think) and their blast is a bit less nice than the Gruntbull blasts that I am used to, making it a bit more "sticky" on the grinds. Which isn't to say that it grinds badly at all, it still grinds better than the pyramatte finish from OD that I have a love/hate relationship with. This isn't the most perfectly written review, but I feel like I can leave a lot out since these are more like comments on the main review, and a lot of the details are taken care of for me by OP. I do intend to get more detailed as I have more time, but for now, just buy and Orca. Trust me

5 5 1
The orca is a great throw, it has enough float tp be considered floaty, but acts extremely well in fast combos like harrison does. Overall a great throw.

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