YoYo Factory – Onestar

YoYo Factory - Onestar - Ann Connolly

YoYo Factory – Onestar – Ann Connolly

YoYo Factory - Onestar - Prague 2014

YoYo Factory – Onestar – Prague 2014

Material Plastic
Diameter 55.25mm
Width 43.5mm
Weight 62.2g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - Onestar - Ann Connolly - Profile

YoYo Factory – Onestar – Ann Connolly – Profile

YoYo Factory - Onestar - Prague 2014 - Profile

YoYo Factory – Onestar – Prague 2014 – Profile

The Onestar is a cross between the One and the Protostar with the aim to make something cheap but still fun to play. It’s not very stable but it’s light and nimble so it rewards you for accurate and speedy play. It comes responsive or unresponsive and is great at both. I wouldn’t want to learn on it due to the lack of stability but it wouldn’t be a bad thing because it’ll teach you to be smooth.

User reviews

4 5 1
Light in your hand and light on your wallet. A great throw for the price it may lack the stability of a replay pro however it plays a little faster and is more nimble for technical tricks.

4 5 1
I loved this throw when I started out! Still do. It feels very sturdy. It doesn't spin very long, but it can do every trick I throw at it. The shape is very comfortable in the hand and won't hurt much. It comes with a flat bearing and does a good job with it. But replacing it for a CT or KK bearing would definitely pay of. If it would get stolen, I'd go and buy a new one.

4 5 1
I bought this yoyo as my secound one (my first was fast 201 bought looong time ago) and I love it so far. As a throwing newbie I can land most basic tricks and go up to some advanced ones, but I still need to work on my technique, however I do not regret buying it.

4 5 1
I received this by accident, after trying to order an Ann Connolly Whip from a large online retailer. I opened the package to find an Ann Connolly OneStar instead. I gave it a few throws and knew I'd found a new addition to my "everyday carry" rotation. It's not anything I'd take to a competition, but if you're looking for a budget upgrade from a YYF One or similar, (Or just a decent performing budget throw you can take out camping or something and not flinch if you tap the ground or sidewalk) you can't really beat the OneStar for price.

4 5 1
The Onestar is my first throw. It's light, fast, not so stable and spin a decent time. It's very durable: mine kissed the macadam several time and still works like a charm. Some editions comes with a CT bearing, which make it a good deal.

3 5 1
I have mixed feelings about the OneStar. I think its an alright first yoyo, but it really lacks personality. It doesn't spin all that long and can be a bit unstable. I find its plenty fast and likely better than anything you can get in most stores. Still there are so many fantastic throws at this price point, like the Replay or the Speedaholic. You can't really go wrong with it, but you can definitely get better.

2 5 1
The Ann Connolly edition I bought came with tons of vibe and short spin times. After carving the bearing seat out a little to clean up the edges, it spins for a decent amount of time now, the vibe isn't any better, but it spins. I only gave it the extra star because, despite the absolute lack of stability, it is fun when it actually cooperates

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