YoYo Factory – One

YoYo Factory - One - Green

YoYo Factory – One – Green

Material Plastic
Diameter 53mm
Width 40mm
Weight 56.5g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - One - Green - Profile

YoYo Factory – One – Green – Profile

The One is designed for beginners. It’s not very stable, it’s high walled and generally it’s not a great yo-yo to learn on. The only feature that makes it stand out is the small size but even then, get a Classic.

User reviews

3 5 1
Decent with the slim bearing and easy enough to learn basics on. Not so good for someone looking for an upgrade. Inexpensive plastic that would be great for an absolute beginner.

4 5 1
Ahhh one of my first yoyos. I remember getting this when it first released, before the shape changed. This yoyo was THE beginner yoyo for me. I really loved it actually. I learned all of my basic concepts on this yoyo and it was a great time. Also the changing caps is also a huge plus too, that makes the yoyo super cool and personalized. As for how the yoyo plays, it is incredibly light, which is pretty much my only qualm. The lightness of the yoyo is the entire downfall of the yoyo. This means spin times are not the best, any mistakes are punishing, and it's hard to get a good feel if you've already played with heavier yoyos. But i'd say the price and what you get is pretty great, very worth the price.

3 5 1
This yoyo is semi decent. Good for beginners, but not too stable. I like it because it is very cheap and often found in brick and mortar shops, so the availability is good. Play wise, it's a fun little yoyo, more forgiving than the Whip. I would recommend this yoyo for when you're teaching in groups or mentoring other players.

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