One Drop – Terrarian

One Drop - Terrarian - Green

One Drop – Terrarian – Green

Material Aluminium
Diameter 54mm
Width 47mm
Weight 66g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

One Drop - Terrarian - Green - Profile

One Drop – Terrarian – Green – Profile

I’ll preface this review by saying my sample is a prototype lent to me by a friend and is not entirely representative of the final design.

This has been a hard review to write because I love One Drop but I don’t like the Terrarian at all. It’s very wide and plays as if it’s wider still making technical tricks very hard. It feels quite light on the string and pleasant in play if you’re smooth and gentle with it but it lacks spin time and tilts very, very easily if you hit the rims with the string. While the catch zone looks huge and it is easy to catch, you really have to hit the central, more agressive part of the catch zone to avoid tilting that comes with the instability of this yoyo. I feel like One Drop were trying to build a floaty yo-yo but there is entirely too much center weight to make it play well or for very long. The finish and grooves combined make for an excellent griding surface and feel very unique, the finish and groves are my favorite feature about this yo-yo. It’s machined to the same standards you expect from One Drop and has all the quality you’ve come to expect from a company that make a lot of great yo-yos. I’ve tried different bearings and different side effects to no avail, it’s just not a good yoyo and I can’t recommend it.

User reviews

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I gotta say this thing is pretty different from anything I've used before. The extremely wide profile gives it a much different feel than other throws I own. Surprisingly it feels light and pleasant on the string. However, if you're not too gentle with it, it seems to lose spin time pretty quickly and has a tendency to tilt. I can't say this is my favorite throw from one drop, but its certainly a unique one. I think the extreme design choices really suit a very specific style of play, and those who don't like that style will naturally dislike the yoyo. I wouldn't recommend this for competitive level of play, but if you're looking for something that is different just for fun, then this could be a good choice.

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*3.5* I've got to say I don't quite agree with everything in this review, but do on some points. It is very wide and plays as if it's wider, so dense technical tricks are harder, but this wasn't too hard to adjust to. Still not something I like very much. It does have less stability than some other releases... but the stability was never notable to me. The weight distribution makes it feel very unique and its pleasant to play with. It is -absolutely- not a yoyo designed with competition in mind, though. The catch zone is huge, so big, showy tricks like various hops are quite easy. It doesn't handle some types of tricks very well, as was pointed out earlier, but not to the point where anything is impossible or even very hard. The grooves feel quite nice and help with grinds, but at most are an "interesting" feature. The quality of craftsmanship is -very high- like all One Drop Yoyos. As a yoyo, its only decent. As a very wide yoyo, its a fun release. If you buy it with false expectations of some competitive beast it may be really disappointing... but if you're looking for a wide, fun yoyo that is an interesting change of pace, it's really great.

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Gotta say I agree with ALMOST everything in this review. except for that I love the yoyo. The rest of the description is accurate. I feel that the problem is, it allows you to play kind of sloppily, but does not perform well if you do play that way. However if you pretend that it doesn't have a forever large catch zone, it plays really solid. Fun to throw and catch. One of my favorite yoyos, despite not being the best performer.

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A great throw personally. I like light floaty feels and if you feel the same. Pick up this yoyo!

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