One Drop – CiTizen

One Drop - CiTizen - Raw - Profilef;i

One Drop – CiTizen – Raw – Profilef;i

Material Titanium
Diameter 56.7mm
Width 43.6mm
Weight 64.5g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

One Drop - CiTizen - Raw - Profile

One Drop – CiTizen – Raw – Profile

Nearly $300 isn’t cheap for a yo-yo but it’s not the worst for one made out of titanium. The One Drop CiTizen is their second full titanium yo-yo and it’s a good one. A simple wing shape with super thin walls and much of the weight around the rims makes for an incredibly long spinning and stable yo-yo. This makes it a great player no matter the style. Even though it’s light at under 65g you still feel a lot of it on the string. It by no means feels heavy but it’s not exactly a lightweight in play. The fact that it’s their second attempt at an all titanium yo-yo, combined with their experience making aluminium yo-yos really shines through with a fantastic all around player.

User reviews

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By far the best yoyo I have ever tried. Amazing speed, super stable, even feels great in play. It is pretty light, and while you can feel it on the string, it does have a sort of titanium-y floaty feel. A great yoyo from One Drop!

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Titanium has very special properties that are great for yo-yo design. It is dense, it changes direction quickly and can make shapes Aluminum cannot. The CiTizen makes use of none of the desirable properties of Ti. The Citizen is slow and clumsy, It is relatively unstable due to steep catch-zone walls so it tilts easily. Titanium is denser than Aluminum. As such, the spin-time should be markedly better than with Aluminum. The CiTizen, however, has none of the superior spin-time one would expect from Ti. Overall, the CiTizen looked great in the pictures; but was a disappointment on the string. Over one hundred were made - so I am not buying the "collector" angle. The Ti-Walker is collectible because people have one, will not sell. I suspect this will not be a long-term problem for the CiTizen.

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