YoYo Factory – Northstar

YoYo Factory - Northstar - Afterglow

YoYo Factory – Northstar – Afterglow

Material Plastic
Diameter 55.94mm
Width 43.15mm
Weight 69.5g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - Northstar - Afterglow - Profile

YoYo Factory – Northstar – Afterglow – Profile

The Northstar is the classic wing shape that appears on a lot of other YoYo Factory plastics but with aluminium weight rings under the rim to increase stability and spin time. It’s pretty heavy so it’s not lightning fast but it spins forever and stays on plane very well. For the price you get quite a lot of performance but not a lot of feeling. They make for great starter 3a yo-yos.

User reviews

3 5 1
The yoyo is great! I have learned beginner to intermediate tricks on it.Part of the axel did get loose and has came off upon taking apart the yoyo.And it vibes if not properly tightened.But it plays great and has lasted me a while.A nice piece for a collection.

1 5 1
It's 2015 and this yoyo continues to be released with deathgrip spacers, yes, it's been years and YYF's worst design flaw hasn't been fixed (you can't remove them from the bearing without risking damage to your bearing or the spacers). The northstar is a fairly expensive plastic yoyo that's vibey and, therefore, subpar to any aluminum yoyo on the price range. Plus it's made in china so I think it's overpriced, I mean, you can get a better full aluminum yoyo made in china from other company for $10 less. This yoyo isn't particularly sturdy, I've seen lots of them broken so it's not really suitable for learning (yes, a plastic yoyo that's not good for beginners) and if you're more advanced you probably already own a metal yoyo (which won't easily break like the northstar). It doesn't resist smashes, can't be easily serviced and the axle can strip easily (it happened to me and I know I'm not the only one). Is there someone I'd recommend buying a northstar, probably just for collectors (Jensen Kimmit won worlds using it so it might be a collector piece), since it's not good for begginers or advanced players and there's many cheaper better choices nowdays. Probably 4 years ago I'd have given 3 stars but since the design flaws haven't been revisited, for 2015 it's just a chinese expensive piece of plastic with metal rings.

4 5 1
3.5* This yoyo does have death grip spacers. Let's get that out of the way. That is a whole star gone from those little monsters. The play is phenomenal, though. This yoyo honestly lands right after the Yeti in my line of favorite plastics. It doesn't grind particularly well, and it isn't rock stable like the Rally, but it does play VERY well, and it really is a treat to throw. I find it funny that people consider this a relic, yet snap up the Protostar like they are new. This came out after the Protostar, and features some different weight distribution. Besides, you want relics of the past, you go YoYoJam and buy their older signature models

3 5 1
This yoyo is more of a relic of the past in my opinion. Yes, it was used to win the world championship years ago, but I attribute that more to the skill of the player and not the yoyo itself. You cannot change the bearing easily if at all, as well as the axle being stuck. The fact is, there are many more better performing yoyos (be it plastic or metal) for this price range or even much less. Basically, this yoyo is mediocre now, there are much better options.

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