Sengoku – Nobunaga

Sengoku - Nobunaga - Purple

Sengoku – Nobunaga – Purple

Sengoku - Nobunaga - Blue

Sengoku – Nobunaga – Blue

Material Bi-Metal
Diameter 53.5mm
Width 41mm
Weight 63.4g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Sengoku - Nobunaga - Purple - Profile

Sengoku – Nobunaga – Purple – Profile

Sengoku - Nobunaga - Blue - Profile

Sengoku – Nobunaga – Blue – Profile

The Nobunaga is one of my favorite all time yo-yos. It’s fast, light, agile and very stable. I wouldn’t usually place a yo-yo with this diameter so far up my list but the Nobunaga performs so well it’s hard not to love it. It spins with a lot of force so even when you’re done with your longest combo, it still comes back very hard. It’s the first design released from Sengoku and it’s a great one. Look out for them in the future, they’re going to do great things.

User reviews

5 5 1
First time I heard about Nobunaga I was shocked. It looked really elegant, and the more I read the more I liked it. Nobunaga was out of my comfort zone, so it took a little long to get one. It is smaller in diameter and narrower than my daily throws, and that was suposed to be a problem... until I got one in my hands. No, it is not a full size. And no, it is not super wide. But just play it and you will see. The body weight is equal to the rims weight, with the massive stainless steel rims weighting same than all the rest of the body. It makes it spin really strong and long. Getting a clean thow was not easy at first, had to change a little my throw and tried with different kind of strings. Finally found the sweet point with regular kitty string (I usually prefer fat ones). This yoyo is agile, smoot and good looking. It even comes with a silky pouch to keep it safe. I'm really thinking about getting another one, but the price is high and can't justify spending that much for having another in the shelf. Anyways, I really dig Julio Robles and Nobunaga, and will be here waiting for new releases from the brand.

4 5 1
I got this for $150 off of one of the Sengoku team members based in Spain. As my first Bi-metal I was blown away by it. This yoyo was built from the ground up for ultra fast play to the point if it screaming at you "GO FASTER" while using it. Even though this yoyo will do other styles no problem it will always be pushing you to go faster. One thing I really didn't like was the width of it, I really like wide yoyos like the Severe 2010 or Dark Sonic but the Nobunaga is still a stupidly good yoyo. I just found that the width was so different to what I use daily it was quite hard to go back and forth between what I felt like using. If you want to take the plunge and buy a Japanese Bi-Metal this is all you need. It's a fantastic gateway to the world of ultra high end yoyos but I can't see it being used to win competitions as consistently as something like a Draupnir.

5 5 1
I have small hands, so I was always looking for good undersized yoyos. The problem was that most undersized yoyos suffer from being unstable and having very short spin time. Nobunaga has exceedingly overcome those short-coming. Being a bi-metal makes it so stable and can spin crazy long. I find myself going through long combo with ease. Nobunaga is also a very light yoyo, weighted at 63.5 g, with a V shape design, so you know this yoyo can play as fast as you like. Be warned this yoyo will hit your hand like a tank if you bind too early. On the look department, this yoyo has a very simple but elegant design available only in solid color. The stainless rims are very wide, almost half of the yoyo cups. They blend seemlessly with the aluminum body. There's no nipple or spike, makes it good for finger spin. This yoyo looks and feels somewhat smaller in person. If you are in the market for an unusual combination of light, undersized, stable, and long spin yoyo, look no further. Nobunaga is the yoyo for you.

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