Monkey Finger Design – Ceasar

Monkey Finger Design - Ceasar - Custom

Monkey Finger Design – Ceasar – Custom

Material Aluminium
Diameter 58.0mm
Width 43.65mm
Weight 69g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Monkey Finger Design - Ceasar - Custom - Profile

Monkey Finger Design – Ceasar – Custom – Profile

I treated myself to this A5 edition Ceasar when I arranged the YoChaos launch giveaway, it’s one of the custom ones that you get to design your own colorway. On to the play though, 69g sounds heavy and usually it is, but the Ceasar really doesn’t feel it. It’s a true testiment to what can be done with good design and how stats can be misleading. It’s still a stable, very easy to catch competition style yo-yo while feeling completely different to anything else out there. The extra bulk really gives it some spin but the lack of weight in play gives it a really lively personality.

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This yoyo is only second to the CLYW Chief. I love the Caesar, it is speedy, and light on the string, while retaining a superb amount of stability and a touch of solid feeling to it. the shape is extreme, and comfortable when you know how to catch it, and the grind finish MFD uses is so crazy good. the shape of the catch zone, combined with their witchcraft media blasting make for my best grinding yoyo in my collection. I do have the 6061 version from the first run, so I don't know how a 7075 Caesar would feel, but I can tell you that I don't think the 6061 needs an improvement, I don't feel like it needs to be made heavier or anything like that. I really think the Caesar is one of those designs where you got it perfect, and trying to make it better is just another variable in an already balanced equation.

4 5 1
My favorite yoyo from the MonkeyfingeR line. It is a competition ready piece of beauty, big diameter with a huge catch zone. It doesn't feel as heavy as the specs show, and it can be fast if you push it. It spins solid and smooth, with one of the best finger grind finish and profile of the market.

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