YoYo Factory – Mighty Flea

YoYo Factory - Mighty Flea - Raw

YoYo Factory – Mighty Flea – Raw

Material Steel
Diameter 25.27mm
Width 20.48mm
Weight 49.5g
Bearing K
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - Mighty Flea - Raw - Profile

YoYo Factory – Mighty Flea – Raw – Profile

The Mighty Flea is seriously tiny. You don’t realize quite how small it’s going to be, even if you’ve seen all those pictures of it next to coins. I’ll be honest though, as a yo-yo, the Mighty Flea isn’t that great. As a gimmick though, it’s on another level. It’s very well designed and weighted and it’ll challenge you to play smoother than you ever have before. Extremely unforgiving of bad play making even the easiest of string tricks hard. Note that it requires it’s own custom strings so if you’re planning to throw it a lot, stock up with a few packs of spare string.

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As a yoyo: Don't buy this if you think it will actually perform very well. The Mighty Flea is capable of performing tricks, but you have to be so clean and precise just to make it do the most basic tricks, it is almost not worth it. As a gimmick: flawless. it is small, well designed, has some heft, and it manages to make you and the people watching smile every time. I have thick lubed one of the bearings I have for mine, and made it responsive so I can just take it out and amuse myself when I am waiting on something, or bored, etc... It comes unresponsive, and I have a bearing I keep unresponsive, and that allows you to perform some pretty cool tricks with it, and really impress people with such a small yoyo. It really brings smiles when you play it for people. When you play it as a $65 yoyo though, you're gonna be mad you spent that much on it. SUPER unstable, and the slightest mistake is going to spin it out. I get why they charge so much for it, being made of metal and the designing of it, and all that... but I can't justify full retail for it. It just isn't good enough.

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