Duncan – Metal Drifter

Duncan - Metal Drifter - Raw and Pink

Duncan – Metal Drifter – Raw and Pink

Material Aluminium
Diameter 52.6mm
Width 39.3mm
Weight 61.1g
Bearing A
Playstyle String Tricks

Duncan - Metal Drifter - Raw and Pink - Profile

Duncan – Metal Drifter – Raw and Pink – Profile

The Metal Drifter comes responsive but I upgraded mine to play unresponsive. That involved new pads and a new bearing and it was a bit of a pain to install. Even with the unresponsive pads it was still slightly responsive so I had to wear them in quite a bit. It’s been great since I did that though. It feels super light on the string, like I barely know I’m playing it. It’s not fast and doesn’t spin for a super long time but it puts a big smile on my face. For the price, it comes with a nice counterweight so it’s a bit of a bargain if you don’t want the unresponsive upgrade.

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I picked one of these up as my first yoyo after a 7 year hiatus from throwing. Previously I owned a classic Duncan Butterfly, two Duncan Dragonflys, and a Yomega Raider. Of these throws I found that the Metal Drifter was definitely the easiest to land string tricks, as the wings are pretty forgiving compared to those on the Dragonfly. The Metal Drifter also sleeps longer than my Dragonflys, although not by much as they both seem to be around 30-45 second sleep times. This is definitely a decent yoyo to pick up when getting into the hobby, and trying to learn intro string tricks. Plus the price is pretty affordable, and it can be found in brick and mortar stores if you're like me and want instant gratification.

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