Yomega – Maverick

Yomega - Maverick - Gold with Blue Splash

Yomega – Maverick – Gold with Blue Splash

Material Aluminium
Diameter 52.5mm
Width 37.62mm
Weight 64g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Yomega - Maverick - Gold with Blue Splash - Profile

Yomega – Maverick – Gold with Blue Splash – Profile

I don’t want to be too negative but the Maverick really doesn’t do anything for me. It’s small, unstable and heavy in a way that you feel all that weight on the string when you’re playing it. If you’re in the market for a small, cheap metal, get a DV888

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This was my first yoyo and most people have a fond nostalgic bond with their first but I definitely do not with this. Its like having an unstable rock on the string with poor spin times and a tendency to stop dead with a few string wraps. There's much better yoyos in the same price bracket, such as the yoyofficer imp

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This yoyo was my first yoyo, and as a beginner, the o-shape of the yoyo made it quite unforgivable to use. If you threw the yoyo even slightly off, it would begin to spin out and stop the throw. Ironically, it taught me to do breakaways and typical throws perfectly, but the problem still shows if you happen to have a bad breakaway. Its durability however is one of it's strong suits, so it's fine on that side.

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This was my first metal yoyo and I would also have to agree with the others in that it has stability issues,

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