G Squared – Marvel

G-Squared - Marvel - Pink with White Splash

G-Squared – Marvel – Pink with White Splash

G Squared - Marvel - Mystic

G Squared – Marvel – Mystic

Material Aluminium
Diameter 55mm
Width 44.18mm
Weight 67.3g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

G-Squared - Marvel - Pink with White Splash - Profile

G-Squared – Marvel – Pink with White Splash – Profile

G Squared - Marvel - Mystic - Profile

G Squared – Marvel – Mystic – Profile

The Marvel seems to be a pretty neat experiment yo-yo. It has deep trenches in the profile and behind the bearing that remove a lot of center weight without compromising the shape of the cup. That means they could make a great cup for horizontal finger spins and keep the weight down. I consider this experiment a complete success though in that the Marvel plays a treat. It has a pretty even weight distribution and feels very satisfying to play. The size is great for my hands and the color job is on another level.

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This looks like a clone of my Marvel! The Marvel is a very unique yoyo. That term is overused in general when describing yoyo releases, but with the Marvel, it is hard to draw comparison to other yoyos. It is an absolute joy to play.

4 5 1
Straight outta the box impressions: I opened this upside-down. That's a different wood box than usual. That's a sweet sweet logo on the side. Holy shit he included my favorite type of bearing. That's right, the Marvel came with the BOSS Wrath bearing that's a well performing 8-ball flat, and the absolutely rockin Rage bearing which is a 10-ball stainless steel concave grooved bearing. I know not everybody loves grooved bearings as much as I do, but it was an awesome surprise! SPECS: • Diameter: 55mm • Width: 44.12mm • Gap: 4.33mm • Weight: 66.2 grams • Response: G Grips • Bearing: Size C – BOSS Wrath I'm sure you guys have seen this before. There are several v1 models floating around that are pretty great, but slightly different than production. Play: As I'm sure you all know my current love for mid-undersized bi-metal throws should put me at a disadvantage when it comes to loving this. But hot diggity dog is it good. There's a super secret hidden in the guts of the throw hidden by the logo. The undercut. Two of them. One serves as a zero-wall design, and the second to remove weight from the center of the throw (and if physics tells us anything "stability"). Now you see I put that in quotes, because if you're maintaining plane with your tricks and not rubbing all up against the walls like you should be there's no sacrifice here. Now we all know yoyo's aren't precision gyroscopes, and here it works beautifully to reduce center weight and push it out towards the rims to increase spin time. And spin it does! The Marvel handles direction changes well, takes to the gyro-flop unlike many V shaped throws, sits comfortably in the hand. Has a sweet finger spin zone I can't ever hit because I'm terrible at all of this. An IRG which so many companies are moving away from (WHY?! The IRG is so fun!) This thing is a beast at regens and suicides. Seriously. Another thing to note (And Jake told me to wait until the pads broke in, but screw that this thing is great even with new pads) New G-Grips are hella grippy. They wear in pretty quickly though (remember I opened my box today, after having it for a little while) 2-3 strings max. One last thing I should mention is the finish. Feels bead blasted and smooth. I was able to pull off at least a 5 second finger grind with the nice gap in the middle.

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The marvel has an all time spot in my main case. It was immediately one of my favorite yoyo's. Size: The size of this yoyo was the first thing I noticed, and really love. It's in that "mid" sized area that happens to be my favorite. Shape: The marvel has a pretty unique shape that is both visually appealing, and very comfortable to play. Weight: The marvel at 67.3 grams is on the heavier end of what I prefer, but plays lighter than what the weight would imply. Playability: The marvel is very agile, but also really stable. It isn't the fastest yoyo out there, but it can handle speed, and maintain it's stability to. Finish: The marvel has a great finish to it. It's a chemical bath so it looks nice and almost glossy, but grinds like a champ. My review on the marvel, also my first yoyo review in general. Hope it's helpful.

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The Marvel is honestly one of the most stable and long spinning throws I own. It is great for learning new tricks because it rarely goes off plane and keeps its spin forever. A great metal yoyo if you have the money.

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