Magic YoYo – T6 Rainbow

Magic YoYo - T6 Rainbow - Raw

Magic YoYo – T6 Rainbow – Raw

Material Aluminium
Diameter 50.4mm
Width 41.2mm
Weight 67.0g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Magic YoYo - T6 Rainbow - Raw - Profile

Magic YoYo – T6 Rainbow – Raw – Profile

There’s not much to say about it. It’s a cheap metal yoyo. It works but it doesn’t feel great or perform particularly well. If it were my money I’d grab a Replay PRO or a Classic.

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This is my first throw so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I find this YoYo quite nice for a beginner, its not too heavy and the base bearing is alright, although most may wish to replace it.

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I just got this in the mail and I'm going to have to disagree with ChaosGoW. The only other nonresponsive throw I have is a replay pro and I like throwing this one around way more than my replay. Nice weight, it's smaller which is nice for me since I have small hands and the bearing is quite a bit quieter. I haven't had to crack this baby open to let a string loose yet and I'm finding my replay snags way too often. For the price, it's a steal.

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