Magic YoYo – N9 Floating Cloud

Magic YoYo - N9 Floating Cloud - Gold

Magic YoYo – N9 Floating Cloud – Gold

Material Aluminium
Diameter 53.0mm
Width 40.4mm
Weight 68.0g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Magic YoYo - N9 Floating Cloud - Gold - Profile

Magic YoYo – N9 Floating Cloud – Gold – Profile

There’s not much to say about it. It’s a cheap metal yoyo. It works but it doesn’t feel great or perform particularly well. If it were my money I’d grab a Replay PRO or a Classic.

User reviews

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This is my first unresponsive yoyo so keep that in mind. I'm pretty new to yoyoing but I found this one easy to use and I've already learned a few tricks on it. I had read before that some Magic N __'s are loud but this one isn't very loud IMO. I can't really say that this yoyo is "smooth" but maybe that's because I'm not a "smooth" player. It comes with 2 strings, neon orange and neon yellow. I'd consider this to be a solid yoyo and would recommend it to any other beginners.

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By no means a great yoyo, but definitely good for such a cheap metal. Loud and heavy, I personally find it really fun, though, for a beginner, I'd recommend getting a YYJ Classic or MYY N12 over this.

3 5 1
I've owned this yoyo for about 5 months now, and I can honestly say this is a good yoyo to try learning about hubstacks with. This yoyo is very lightweight, and does what you'd expect from a cheap aluminum yoyo. The hubstacks on the yoyo work well if you start by holding the yoyo by the stacks and pulling your string hand away, but seem to make the yoyo very vibey if you go for just normal throwing. Taking them off the yoyo to throw it normally makes the (vibey-ness?) pretty much entirely go away, but I don't suggest taking the bearings+O rings off often, as I had one of the O rings break. The yoyo is on the smaller side and that seems to make string tricks a lot easier to perform for beginners. I believe this yoyo is very good as a first look at using hubstacks, but as a normal throwing yoyo, its very lacking.

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