Magic YoYo – N5 Desprado

Magic YoYo - N5 Desprado - Red

Magic YoYo – N5 Desprado – Red

Material Aluminium
Diameter 50.8mm
Width 45.3mm
Weight 69.5g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Magic YoYo - N5 Desprado - Red - Profile

Magic YoYo – N5 Desprado – Red – Profile

There’s not much to say about it. It’s a cheap metal yoyo. It works but it doesn’t feel great or perform particularly well. If it were my money I’d grab a Replay PRO or a Classic. It’s super wide so if you like that profile you will probably enjoy the N5 Desorado.

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The rating is probably highly contingent on its price but you would be hard pressed to find an undersized yoyo this wide, at all. Let alone at this price. And performs this well? (albeit slippy binds if you don't silicon it. SILICON IT)

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