Magic YoYo – N11 Weight Ring

Magic YoYo - N11 Weight Ring - Red with Silver Splash

Magic YoYo – N11 Weight Ring – Red with Silver Splash

Material Aluminium
Diameter 54.0mm
Width 42.0mm
Weight 64.7g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Magic YoYo - N11 Weight Ring - Red with Silver Splash - Profile

Magic YoYo – N11 Weight Ring – Red with Silver Splash – Profile

Another of my favorite Magic YoYo budget yo-yos. It’s surprisingly light on the string and laid back during play. For the price, you get a lot of fun. It’s still stable enough and will spin through all your combos. If you want something metal, and affordable, the N11 Weight Ring wont let you down. Just be aware, it doesn’t actually have weight rings.

User reviews

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Mine came with weightrings, a set of big white slightly transluscent silicone or latex. Those fits in the IRG and add a few grams. With of without the rings, I find this yoyo to lack personnality. This is very subjective, but it feels like a bland 20$ piece of aluminium shaped like a yoyo. Don't get me wrong, it's very good and worth the money. It just seems kinda bland and unrefined. I feel it's impossible to love or hate this yoyo, you can either like it or not. It's neither floaty nor solid, neither heavy or light on the string, it just feels like a yoyo. It's good yoyo but I think that if you're going to buy a magicyoyo, other options are better. The N12 also feels kinda bland but it feels more refined with it's slightly bigger size and thinner walls. The K9 having an agressive H-shape has more personnality, even if you hate it you'll feel some kind of opinion. The M003 is narrower, it fits better in a pocket but forces you to be more precise. You know, things you might end up loving or hating, but they'll force you to have an opinion The N11 is a yoyo that feels very yoyoish. It spins at the end a your string. It's decent.

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