Magic YoYo – M002 April

Magic YoYo - M002 April - Purple and Silver Acid Wash

Magic YoYo – M002 April – Purple and Silver Acid Wash

Material Aluminium
Diameter 54.9mm
Width 42.2mm
Weight 65.6g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Magic YoYo - M002 April - Purple and Silver Acid Wash - Profile

Magic YoYo – M002 April – Purple and Silver Acid Wash – Profile

The M002 April is another of the more premium yo-yos from Magic YoYo. It still feels kind of heavy but makes up for it with spin time and speed. It’s easy to catch and can keep going through all your longer combos without having to throw too hard which is rare on yo-yos this affordable. It’s a great step up for Magic YoYo.

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The April is really light feeling for me. It plays solidly for such a light feeling yoyo, but it is super nimble. Maybe what makes me feel like it is light is the fact that it just seems so nimble, which could come from the cool H shape it has going on. I do like the media blast on this yoyo, and I do like everything about it, but in my experience, it is a hair less stable than the Silencer, and so I leave it for using at home. Plus it's got a cooler finish, and I'd hate to kiss some concrete with it. Like I said in my Silencer review, if you like yoyoing, get it. It is cheap, fun, and plays really really well.

5 5 1
Nice little throw. It's a tad heavy, but not obnoxiously so, it's quite stable and really freaking smooth once you replace the bearing (I did so with a Buddha Ripple) The finish on the outside of the rims and the catch zone is great, but the inside of the cup and rim are shiny smooth, making it difficult to do thumb grinds. One fairly big con of this yoyo is it's axle, it is almost freaky short, I'm talking like 7mm, and you have to be careful to not cross thread it. It doesn't effect play, but it is a concern. The anodization on this is actually quite thick, much better than previous MagicYoyos, and the colorways I've seen for this so far have all been rather attractive (I have the black, gold and teal). Overall, for a throw I got shipped for $22 on ebay, it is a damn good yoyo.

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