Magic YoYo – M001 Silencer

Magic YoYo - M001 Silencer - Blue

Magic YoYo – M001 Silencer – Blue

Material Aluminium
Diameter 57.1mm
Width 40.8mm
Weight 66.5g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Magic YoYo - M001 Silencer - Blue - Profile

Magic YoYo – M001 Silencer – Blue – Profile

As far as Magic YoYos go, this is my favorite. While it’s fairly heavy and not particularly inspiring, it’s stable and spins for a very long time. The spin time is probably it’s stand out characteristic. For the money, it’s hard to get that much performance from a yoyo.

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This is the Magic YoYo that I carry with me in my MFD Top 3 on a regular basis. It is a little heavy and solid, but for the most part, it is really feels like a nimble and fast playing performer. I wish it were blasted, but when you get performance that rivals YYFs that cost double or triple, yet you get something that plays awesome. This rivals the N12 in value. It doesn't really beat it, because the N12 is blasted, and mine was $4 cheaper than the Silencer, but I like the way the Silencer plays better. If you like YoYos, you gotta stock up on MYYs. They can take a smack, and whatever happens to them, who cares? It cost less than 100 decent strings.

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