Magic YoYo – K9 The King

Magic YoYo - K9 The King - Green with Silver Splash

Magic YoYo – K9 The King – Green with Silver Splash

Material Aluminium
Diameter 55.9mm
Width 42.3mm
Weight 67g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Magic YoYo - K9 The King - Green with Silver Splash - Profile

Magic YoYo – K9 The King – Green with Silver Splash – Profile

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Introduction: The King is a name that immediately sets high expectations, the shape is the second thing that sets them, the budget price is what then makes everything lose sense. This is a very interesting yoyo concept, but it doesn't stay very true to a wise and experienced king Arthur style that comes to mind, it rather is more like one of those eccentric rulers (like Caligula). This is a yoyo that anyway deserves a presentation 'cause it will play solid and stylish through speed and chill. Physical appreciation: Release Year 2014 Weight (g) 67.00 Diameter (mm) 55.9 Width (mm) 42.32 Gap Width (mm) 4.59 The shape is an aggressive undercut H shape with stepped rims with a rounded finish. The grip feels firm and there's actually enough rim material to get a good grip for breakaways. The anodizing features green with silver splash and the texture is just a raw glossy. I'm not a fan of raw glossy and I will never be cause I do like grinds and this finish asks for gloves to attempt that. On the side we can see a lip with no undercut so we can't call it a real IGR. Then there's a protruding concaved disc hubstack. Regarding the catchzone we are in front of a no walled design (rare in hubstack yoyos) which is in line with modern style yoyoing. Bearing and Response The main bearing is an unshielded 10-ball concave bearing. Dry clean it leads to ~9 minute sleepers on the K9 and it's amazingly silent. The bearing is maybe one of the highlights of the review, a bearing this good costs usually more than half of this yoyo's total price on a yoyostore. Hubstacks are not the most forgiving, they need some technique to get the most of them. If you hold it too tight it won't spin even for a minute, you need to gently hold the small stacks which requires some practice. Hubstack spin time 4:50. I don't know about the mechanism/bearing but it's not the best because they sound a little gritty (I couldn't take them apart). The response mechanism is a thicker version of the yellow rubberish pad we have seen in N and T series. I think it fixed the slippery feel that some used to complain about in earlier MYY. Plastic whip binds and such will happen without issues, low speed binds also can be done. I definitively suggest a normal to slim string if you don't some surprise bindings in the middle of your practice. The Play The shape already tells you what to expect and it doesn't surprise in that area. While it has a lot of weight focused in the middle cause of the hubstacks it also has his deal of heft in the rims leading to a mid-outer total weight distribution. Obviously it isn't the fastest, it feels not overly floaty either. It's weight doesn't really show giving a slightly lighter feel on the string. It lands without problems the sloppy hops, there's no much tilt effect on landings 'cause the degree of inclination in the catchzone. Regarding grinds, they won't happen unless you have a good pair of gloves. The finish practically sticks on naked skin. Horizontal grinds are possible and very doable with the hubstacks. The stability is something else, it will spin on any tilt you want and keep it, combined with its extra long spin times. It is amazing to practice new tricks with it's no wall design you can stop worrying about killing the spin without correcting the tilt. Also on well known tricks is a beast, it can be pushed to speedy play it won't feel like a heavy behemoth, in fact moves quite classy and nimble on technical stuff. Conclusions If this yoyo were to be the next MYY flagship it really doesn't deserve it. I think the idea of this yoyo was not well executed, IMO the multi stepped angles could have been rounded. The hubstacks are not an appeal really, they can be almost bothersome for some players or even a dealbreaker. Plus without a matte finish this doesn't even qualify for "top of the K series". Anyway this yoyo is quite cheap ($20) and with a main bearing as good as that it totally will perform on pair much more expensive yoyos. I have to say I had higher expectations than usual but to be fair this yoyo isn't half bad, it's just that the N12 is still a better choice for the money. What to like: - Nice splash look for $20 - Amazing 10-ball concave bearing - Improved response pads - Stable play ideal for learning new stuff - Doesn't feel overly inertial or resistant to movement - No wall design for extreme horizontal play and maximum spin time What to improve: - No beadblasted finish - No real IGR - The hubstacks make some noise and feel a little gritty

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