Magic YoYo – K1 Spin

Magic YoYo - K1 Spin - Blue

Magic YoYo – K1 Spin – Blue

Material Plastic
Diameter 57.0mm
Width 41.0mm
Weight 60.0g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Magic YoYo - K1 Spin - Blue - Profile

Magic YoYo – K1 Spin – Blue – Profile

As far as cheap plastic yo-yos go, the K1 Spin is pretty fun. The hubstacks work well though it’s easy to develop a lot of vibe with them. It’s light and laid back, perfect for newcomers to learn easy tricks on, it’s just not stable and long spinning enough to learn longer combos on.

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Pretty fun throw. The hubstacks are nice but makes it a viby throw. You can get it for 5€ from Ali express and it is totally worth it.

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