Luftverk – Evora

Luftverk - Evora - Purple

Luftverk – Evora – Purple

Material Titanium
Diameter 54.5mm
Width 43.3mm
Weight 65.5g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Luftverk - Evora - Purple - Profile

Luftverk – Evora – Purple – Profile

Any yo-yo that costs over $250 isn’t cheap but the Evora is a full titanium yo-yo that comes with a full ceramic bearing for $270. With a lot of titanium yo-yos it seems very common to load up all of the weight into the rims but that’s not the case with the Evora. It feels very light on the string while it’s fast enough to complete your combos. If you’re expecting the longest spin times with increased stability, the Evora isn’t the right yo-yo for you. It’s about making sure you play smoothly and accurately and if you do you’re rewarded with the kind of experience you just can’t get with aluminium. If bi-metals aren’t your thing, you’d rather have an organic than a V but still want a titanium yo-yo, the Evora is what you’re looking for.

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