Luftverk – Evora R-SP

Luftverk - Evora R-SP - Raw

Luftverk – Evora R-SP – Raw

Material Titanium
Diameter 54.5mm
Width 43.5mm
Weight 65.3g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Luftverk - Evora R-SP - Raw - Profile

Luftverk – Evora R-SP – Raw – Profile

It’s incredible what a change of material can do for a yo-yo. The Evora R-SP is made from higher grade titanium than the previous model yet sold for the same price. Compared to the first version, the Evora R-SP feels much better to play in that it’s more stable, spins longer and gives me a lot more confidence through all of my combos. It’s still no performance machine but it’s got all you need and still provides fantastic feedback in play. The finish isn’t as grind friendly but it looks great in person, the pictures don’t do it justice. Both Evoras are unique among all other titanium yoyos with the unique shape and weight distribution that’s focused on feel and not performance.

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