YoYo Factory – Loop 360

YoYo Factory - Loop 360 - Green

YoYo Factory – Loop 360 – Green

Material Plastic
Diameter 57.25mm
Width 25.5mm
Weight 50.5g
Bearing A
Playstyle Looping Tricks

YoYo Factory - Loop 360 - Green - Profile

YoYo Factory – Loop 360 – Green – Profile

I don’t have a lot to say about loopers. The Loop 360 is unlike a lot of looping yo-yos in that it uses a silicone response system instead of starburst. To me it means they can spin a little longer becasue the string never snags against the protruding plastic but pads wear out quicker. They are very narrow and I find them fairly easy to loop with consistency.

User reviews

4 5 1
A fun throw. Good for learning to loop and I also try string tricks on. Even double or nothing can be challenging on this thing. But hey, it wasn't made for that.

4 5 1
Amazing yoyo for looping. A ton of fun and really light. I'd recommend it to anyone!

4 5 1
A great yoyo to begin looping with. Very light weight so it can be fast. Very comfortable in hand and the response works like a charm.

3 5 1
The Loop360 does it's job quite well, it's a slightly less responsive looping yoyo made of a softer material, so you can start slower and don't mind about hitting yourself. As the material is softer than the regular plastic used in starburst response systems, the yoyo needed silicone pads. This is the main problem of the yoyo, it will become less responsive with the use and it definitively won't grow with your skill. The silicone response system can even build a bad habit (since it behaves different than a starburst). Probably if you already are sure you want to get good at looping you should skip to a yoyo with adjustable gap (the variable gap can take you from a slow beginner to a fast advanced player). If you're unsure, the loop360 is a cheap way to try the style. I don't suggest getting a pair, if you're already good enough with both hands on their own to start double looping you may want to switch to a starburst response pair of looping yoyos instead of getting a second 360.

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