YoYo Factory – Loop 1080

YoYo Factory - Loop 1080 - Clear with White Caps

YoYo Factory – Loop 1080 – Clear with White Caps

YoYo Factory - Loop 1080 - Marble

YoYo Factory – Loop 1080 – Marble

Material Plastic
Diameter 58.4mm
Width 33.46mm
Weight 51.6g
Bearing A
Playstyle Looping Tricks

YoYo Factory - Loop 1080 - Clear with White Caps - Profile

YoYo Factory – Loop 1080 – Clear with White Caps – Profile

YoYo Factory - Loop 1080 - Marble - Profile

YoYo Factory – Loop 1080 – Marble – Profile

I’m not really a looper so I couldn’t tell you too much about the Loop 1080. It’s got an adjustable gap that you can adjust using the included tool to make it spin easier or harder and tune to your liking. Shu Takada uses it to great effect in his routines though!

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Note that this review is written based on my beginner looping skills. I can do the most basic wrap, 2-handed loops and around the world variations and milk the cow but that's about it. Still can't do tangler as of this review. I'll be comparing the Loop 1080 with the sOMEThing LP and Yoyojam Unleashed. The Loop 1080 uses a nylon spacer system similar to the LP as well as many other popular looping yo-yos like modded Yomega Raiders. So, first of all, let's talk about the adjustable gap feature of the Loop 1080. Compared to the adjustable gap of the Yoyojam Unleashed, I think the way the adjustable gap is implemented on the Loop 1080 is much better than the twist-to-adjust-the-gap system of the Unleashed. With the Unleashed, maybe because of years of use, the gap would constantly increase or decrease and I would have to readjust the gap to my preferred width often. This doesn't happen with the Loop 1080 since you need to use the hex key (that is included with the Loop 1080) to actually adjust the gap. Second, let's talk about how the Loop 1080 actually loops. In my experience, with the same string type and length, the Loop 1080 at its narrowest gap will loop downwards compared to the Unleashed (at its narrowest gap) and the LP (with its fixed gap). I prefer my loops to loop ever slightly upwards so I would widen the gap on the Loop 1080 until it loops the way I like it too. Another standout difference between the Loop 1080s and the other 2 looping yo-yos that I have is the weight. The Loop 1080s are significantly lighter and you can definitely feel the difference in loops. The lighter weight of the Loop 1080 means that each loops requires less effort and also less strain on your finger and hands when looping. However, from a beginner perspective, I think the heavier weight of the Unleashed and LP makes each loop more stable especially when crossing arms during looping or varying between inside and outside loops where the trajectory of the yo-yo is constantly changing. That isn't to say that the Loop 1080 isn't stable at all but for someone who is just starting out, the heavier Unleashed or LP may (I would italicized 'may' but I don't know how to) make learning loops easier. With regards to sleep time, my Loop 1080 at my preferred wider gap setting sleeps about as long as my Unleashed or LP despite the lighter weight. Take the above statement with a grain of salt though because again, I'm not very proficient yet at 2A and I don't really know how to do 2A tricks that require a long sleeping yo-yo. A thing to note about the Loop 1080 is that I have to lube the bearing more often to get the loops to remain snappy and responsive compared to my Unleashed and LP. From what I can tell, the keyhole used in the gap adjustment system is conntected somehow to the inner parts of the yo-yo where the bearing is. This means that some lube can leak out and make the outside of the yo-yo feel a little oily to the touch. I suspect this is also why I have to regularly lube the bearing compared to my other yo-yos. All in all, out of the Unleashed, LP and Loop 1080, I like the Loop 1080 the most of the 3 because of its lighter weight and its adjustable gap system which means regardless of which string I use, I can adjust the gap so make sure that each loop can still loop the way I like it to. No, it may not be as stable as the other 2 yo-yos but I personally don't have any problems adjusting and adapting to the Loop 1080. PS. With regards to the durability of the Loop 1080, I really can't say much about it. I've collided mine in mid-air with no problems but I've never had a really hard collision with furniture or the like to really test how it will hold up if that happens.

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